Running a blog is the sort of work one is inclined to think would be easy. And it is, but only in relative terms – in comparison to working in a coal mine, for instance. But in terms of how you’ll actually be thinking of it, well, it’ll soon turn out to be one helluva lot harder than you’ve convinced yourself it’ll be. Sure, you can do it from home, […]

We are leading ever increasingly connected digital lives. These online dealings affect our off-line personas. So what happens if your identity is hijacked by someone else? You might think that it does not happen that often in South Africa but should you look at some statistics surrounding on-line fraud and identity theft you might be shocked at how prevalent this is. South Africans are venturing online in ever growing numbers […]

Came across this awesome infographic which pretty much highlights 20 key factors which needs to be borne in mind when you are looking at your online business. “Should you be using images, or focus everything on text? Do you really need an “About Us” page? Will implementing live chat on your site result in more sales? Should you focus your marketing efforts on an email campaign, or pour everything into […]

As intro to the latest article from our guest blogger Dave Landry you can have a look at the following video. Have you noticed a change in your wallet lately? Chances are that traditional currency is taking up less space than usual. After all, most of us have moved on to using credit cards, debit cards and other forms of money which are typically much more secure. Although these cards […]