The main aim of most companies using Facebook or any other social media is to convert strangers into followers, followers into clients and ultimately into promoters. Inbound marketing including Facebook however is not always easy. However to build-up a following if you are business to business driven; the task becomes even more daring. To make your brand “sexy” and functional in the bigger scheme of things especially with a host […]

A while back I came across an amazing infographic which really encapsulate the processes which needs to be followed to successfully generate leads from your website. I found that this outline to together with our article “Help your website reach its full potential” outlines all the details required for a plan from which to launch your digital marketing strategy. Please click here to read the article which provides more information […]

Okay, so you want to make sure your site features on search engines (read Google), but you are not sure how to go about it. So here is the basic information you need to know. The first step of successful SEO starts with you – the client, or your copywriter. When you develop your web site you need to look at ways and means to ensure that you are going […]

Hello my name is Petro and I am a Pinterest junkie. I have started pinning more than a year ago and I am not able to stop. How many of you are with me on this? If you look at the stats females out-pin the males by a long shot, I think one of the reason for this is because it is fast and offers instant gratification. You see you […]