Django’s all about two things: efficiency, and accessibility. Once you’ve gotten started on it, you’ll find yourself settling into a routine pretty quick. It’s just slick like that. Still, you might find yourself wondering just what sort of workflow is the very slickest – in this day and age, we’re ever looking for ways to be more efficient. Here’s a few pointers to help you find your way toward which […]

Think working together is just common sense? Maybe it is, in theory; but there’s an issue plaguing most industries that, really, has existed since civilisation began: the clash of the arts and the sciences. Most web developers and graphic designers don’t think they’ll have any issues working with each other – until they actually have to. Writing code and picking colour schemes require pretty different trains of thought – trains […]

Here’s the thing about things called Django: they tend to have very simple ambitions – whether it’s cleaning up Western towns, freeing slaves, building the gypsy jazz style, or, in the case of the Django we’re concerned with, making a simple programming language even easier to use. Python programmers Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison created Django in 2003. Naming it after Jean “Django” Reinhardt, a Belgian musician who revolutionised jazz […]

We are leading ever increasingly connected digital lives. These online dealings affect our off-line personas. So what happens if your identity is hijacked by someone else? You might think that it does not happen that often in South Africa but should you look at some statistics surrounding on-line fraud and identity theft you might be shocked at how prevalent this is. South Africans are venturing online in ever growing numbers […]