The Durbanville Plaasfees is an annual event which is a community market hosted by the local Dutch Reformed Church – Durbanville Bergsig. 2014 saw the 7th year of the event and this year KRAZYBOYZ was asked to provide a marketing strategy which would include web development as well as adding a social media presence on Facebook. The complete project budget was set at just under R 30,000.00. KRAZYBOYZ highlighted the […]

We have adapted to being connected and as such using social media to share our lives and experiences. It is however very interesting to see how little people value their privacy and devalue the image that their online persona displays to the rest of the world. It is also relatively common for today’s teenagers to think nothing about posting and sharing their debauched party behaviour with the rest of the […]

I think that one of the movies that best describe KRAZYBOYZ is Ratatouille. YES, the children’s movie with a rat as the hero. What make this a great movie title for a business? Here you have an individual with singular believe that regardless the odds; if you are passionate about something you are bound to succeed. Regardless who we are or what we do, we all feel passionate about something […]