When you think of web development then you just need to have a site map and this will put you on the road to success – not true. Although having a clear understanding of page requirements would start your thought process it is not the most important factor. The first thing you need to look at is to ensure that your web site is developed optimally is that your visitors […]

We work in an industry where change is the only certainty. Where hardware dictates how things are done and viewed, with trends and ideas evolving at nearly breakneck speed. Our main aim is to encompass a client’s brand identity within digital “pages” which not only surprise and delight their clients, but are easy to use and sticky enough to stay. So when it comes to rebranding your own company and […]

So if you have not visited our web site to look at our blazing hot and brand new web site you better hurry on over. Yes it is at www.krazyboyz.com Let us know what you think…

I think that one of the movies that best describe KRAZYBOYZ is Ratatouille. YES, the children’s movie with a rat as the hero. What make this a great movie title for a business? Here you have an individual with singular believe that regardless the odds; if you are passionate about something you are bound to succeed. Regardless who we are or what we do, we all feel passionate about something […]