We are leading ever increasingly connected digital lives. These online dealings affect our off-line personas. So what happens if your identity is hijacked by someone else?

You might think that it does not happen that often in South Africa but should you look at some statistics surrounding on-line fraud and identity theft you might be shocked at how prevalent this is.

South African Statistics for Online Identity theft and fraud

South Africans are venturing online in ever growing numbers and with online classifieds sites making our lives easier by allowing ease-of-use to get rid of those unwanted goods you identity are literally placed on the line on a daily basis. In the last month there has been a number of articles which highlights the risks to both buyers and sellers online.

OLX kicked off 2015 with a user outlining her close shave when selling her XBOX online. The same trickster also contacted her a week later when she advertised her iPhone 5. Full article>>

After this article ran Fin24 followed it up with an article outlining some tips on how to avoid being scammed on-line. Full article>>
Regardless of how you look at any of these stats or articles it becomes very clear that the importance of being able to verify the person with whom you are dealing online identity to safeguard against fraud.

ThisIsMe is an online verification system which provides “an online personal verification tool that helps distinguish between legitimate users and people who are pretending to be them.”

This service is mainly aimed at shopping web sites to help curb cyber crime. One of the key issues for online shops is the “Card not Present” fraud has been steadily increasing over the last couple of years.

According to Mark Chirnside CEO of ThisIsMe the relevance of an online identity verification system would be to reduce the opportunities for identity theft in SA. Looking at the losses incurred in the South African marketplace there is obviously a need for this system.
Minimising the risk of online fraud and cyber crime would allow smaller ecommerce players to enter the online market. The positive spin-off of an energised online economy coupled with minimised risk would give way to a welcome financial injection with job-creation and greater online competition. With the consumer winning.

So How does ThisIsMe Work?
ThisIsMe - Online Identity Verification - Process

“ThisIsMe is pioneering personal online security in the South African growing economy. The online verification and authentication service provider encourages safer online communication, enabling this by granting personally registered accounts that apply stern and discerning security measures to safeguard digital sensitive information exposed online.

By making personal identity verification a core part of your business, you allow your customers, users and merchants the option to control the critical portion of their identities, giving you accurate, validated information.

This allows you as a business to weed out attempts at identity fraud and theft. If users are required to identify themselves directly with your business, you can put control measures in place and actively fight fraud together.”

Regardless of whether you are buying, selling, dating or planning to do business online; would it not set your mind at ease that the person you are dealing with is indeed who they say they are? #areyouverified

KRAZYBOYZ digital is proud of their work on the ThisIsMe website – for more details outlining our involvement in this project click here>>
Are you verified? Visit: thisisme.com to register and verify.
Have a look at some Local SA celebs who have fallen victim to identity theft

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