It has been more than a year since we started highlighting the benefits of inbound marketing. Globally inbound marketing has seen the highest increase in budget spending and focus. In South Africa we are seeing variable applications of inbound marketing; if you are not looking at this seriously you are falling behind on your positioning as a brand and company. Inbound marketing – for those who don’t know – are […]

The Durbanville Plaasfees is an annual event which is a community market hosted by the local Dutch Reformed Church – Durbanville Bergsig. 2014 saw the 7th year of the event and this year KRAZYBOYZ was asked to provide a marketing strategy which would include web development as well as adding a social media presence on Facebook. The complete project budget was set at just under R 30,000.00. KRAZYBOYZ highlighted the […]

When you think of web development then you just need to have a site map and this will put you on the road to success – not true. Although having a clear understanding of page requirements would start your thought process it is not the most important factor. The first thing you need to look at is to ensure that your web site is developed optimally is that your visitors […]

The main aim of most companies using Facebook or any other social media is to convert strangers into followers, followers into clients and ultimately into promoters. Inbound marketing including Facebook however is not always easy. However to build-up a following if you are business to business driven; the task becomes even more daring. To make your brand “sexy” and functional in the bigger scheme of things especially with a host […]