The main aim of most companies using Facebook or any other social media is to convert strangers into followers, followers into clients and ultimately into promoters.

Inbound marketing including Facebook however is not always easy. However to build-up a following if you are business to business driven; the task becomes even more daring.

To make your brand “sexy” and functional in the bigger scheme of things especially with a host of competition for airspace can be daunting not to mention frustrating to the point of wondering why you are putting in so much effort.

If you however look at the reasons why you need to engage you will find that the possibilities on Facebook are endless. I mean they are the marketing leader among Social Channels boasting around 1.13 Billion users and growing. With stats such as “there are more than 2 Billion connections between local businesses and people.” It is easy to start counting your chickens before they hatch.

Inbound marketing strategy #moreleadsonfacebook

Again if you are not in a consumer driven market then you strategy for Facebook and social media can be a lot more taxing than you expect.

50% of social media users under the age of 35 follow their online friends’ product and service recommendations
One way to obtain more followers on your page is to engage in a Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook for Business, outlines the objectives as the most common aims for running ad campaigns:

  • Clicks to Website
  • Website Conversions
  • Page Post Engagement
  • Page Likes
  • App Installs
  • App Engagement
  • In-store Offer claims
  • Event Responses

It also state that “Our products help your business connect with the right people, on desktop and mobile, more efficiently.”

How do they do this?

Facebook pages – For awareness and staying connected
Advertising – Reaching all the people that will grow your business
Advanced advertising – Using our advanced tools with your customer knowledge to maximise the impact of your campaign
Platform – Bringing the power of Facebook to your application or site to mobile and/or desktop
Measurement and insights – Use Facebook’s enhanced statistics to review and measure your return on investment together with Google Analytics

So what works on Facebook?

We have all been told numerous times that the simple status updates work best for Facebook, with images in second place. There is however a number of other tricks that also works well.

  • Simple surveys – more people are enticed to interact if given a simple choice between two options
  • Highlighted posts – by giving a certain post higher value you do draw more attention to these posts
  • Galleries – creating categorised galleries enhance your ability draw those customers into your page as well as enlarge the chances of sharing and liking.The latest in Facebook Link sharing is to allow for larger images when posting a link.

new facebook image sizes
This allow you to draw greater attention to your link and thus obtain more shares and likes from the links you do share.

For details for developers click here>>

The best result would be obtained from a perfect mix between your current content on your site and additional tailored content specific to you brand and your Facebook users.

Your strategy needs to be implemented for at least 3 months with reviews monthly to have a look at what worked best to ensure adjustments are made where necessary.

Other focusses for content sharing:

  • Have a measurable goal
  • Define and understand your audience
  • Make the story relevant
  • Design the supporting media to be sharable and searchable
  • Track your content

Measuring results:

When you look at your campaign you need to look at what your goals were when you launched. Measurement of the success of the campaign should be around these goals.

Measurement of the success of the campaign should be around goals

Regardless of whether you are a multi-national corporation or a sole-proprietor by understanding your user’s needs and customising the information provided to them you have the ability to take social media marketing to the next level.

For more information contact us to discuss how KRAZYBOYZ can assist you in content marketing on Facebook – tailored to your brand and message.


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