We work in an industry where change is the only certainty. Where hardware dictates how things are done and viewed, with trends and ideas evolving at nearly breakneck speed. Our main aim is to encompass a client’s brand identity within digital “pages” which not only surprise and delight their clients, but are easy to use and sticky enough to stay. process_blog-pinit-img

So when it comes to rebranding your own company and taking a step into a new direction it is not always as easy as just coming up with a plan, design and execute. It sometimes takes a couple of designs and concepts to reach the ultimate way things should look and an ideal of how things should work.

We asked Leonie Lodewyks what her influences where for the new web site and what she wanted to achieve.

“At KRAZYBOYZ we need to be able to ADAPT to our client’s needs; so I decided that the KRAZYBOYZ brand should reflect just that.”

I’ve always had a passion for colour and wanted to incorporate it without overwhelming the brand. As our SERVICES would be a key focus for the web site; I wanted to use colour with each service to add interaction to the site as well as make the colour bars a KEY FOCUS within the design.

It’s not just about making your brand pretty and colourful but also to keep in mind what you wish to achieve.” Click here to see some of the concepts she dabbled with before finalising the look.

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