Hello my name is Petro and I am a Pinterest junkie. I have started pinning more than a year ago and I am not able to stop.

How many of you are with me on this? If you look at the stats females out-pin the males by a long shot, I think one of the reason for this is because it is fast and offers instant gratification. You see you like you pin or; you see you want you pin or; you see you will do/make or find you pin. This is how Pinterest got the label as the place where bored housewives and people with home-industries go to spend (read waste) their time.

Reasons for using Pinterest/Facebook

Pinterest vs Facebook

This is however no longer the case and all on-line marketers should stand up and be counted.

Over the past year the landscape of Pinterest and pins available has changed enormously and we as digital marketers are now able to reap the fruits. The stats available where we can take a look at Pinterest and other Social Media again cements that Pinterest is not only here to stay but will soon change the landscape of all Social Media Marketing plans and strategies.

1.    More users (43%) associate with brands they like on Pinterest than any other media channel and yes that include Facebook.
2.    Pinterest referrals for ecommerce websites are up to over 15% from just over 1% last year.
3.    Nearly 70% of all users have either purchased or found a product via Pinterest and these referrals spend more money than visitors from other referrer.
pinterest_addiction-2324.    Pinterest retention rate is higher than the equivalent rate for twitter was at the same time in “history”
5.    Pinterest also allow Google to index and catalogue which in turn means that your website or blog’s weighting for Google search inclusion is higher.

With the launch of Pinterest for business things obviously got a lot more seriously but all-in-all we are having as much fun as always, while we are creatively stimulated to be just so much more than we can be…

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