Do you think that having your receptionist updating your Facebook page is having a social media strategy? Think again.

This year we see a huge increase in budget allocation for inbound marketing channels. Now you might want to know what the term Inbound Marketing means. In a nutshell it refers to any activity you can engage in to drive traffic to your site. This would include “old school” methods such as Pay- Per-Click (PPC) online marketing campaigns, Newsletters, Search Engine registration and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to the new generation Social Media Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

Why are companies spending more money on Inbound Marketing? According to the HUBSPOT 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report the reason is simple:
1. Measurement – You can easily measure your Return on Investment on any of the Social Media Channels.
2. Targeting – You can reach your target market faster and more cost effective by making use of on line marketing.
3. Effective – You are able to work out a strategy that works for you within 3 months, which mean that you can measure and adapt your strategy to be MORE effective anytime.
4. It’s immediate – These channels are there to engage and entertain. People can be reached immediately, easily and effectively.
5. It is profitable – An effective strategy with yield higher return makes your company a lot more profitable.

So how should you deal with you marketing campaign?
Employ the services of a digital marketing agency to assist you in the first three months to flesh out an effective strategy for your company.

Dependent on your available resources you can either employ your agency to run and manage these channels over a longer time period or to assist in training sessions to get your staff up to speed to provide you with a pool of content generators.

Employ a social media manager. This person would be dedicated to managing your media channels and generating content for these channels.

What will you gain from dealing with your social media channels more effectively? Apart from a higher organic listing you will over time see how your followers will change into promoters of your brand.

All this and a lot more are waiting for you if you only have it covered.

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